Success Stories

Joe Cano

"I have worked with Tipton for 14 years at various properties. I appreciate how Tipton allows me to use my knowledge in various areas of maintenance. Most of all, I value the challenges I receive by assisting with tasks like Due Diligence, interviewing potential employee candidates and assisting other Tipton communities."

Joe has always demonstrated the dedication and drive to succeed and has been an important member of the Tipton team.  Joe was promoted to Maintenance Supervisor in the Spring of 2018, and provides support to our onsite maintenance teams as well as assisting our Regional Supervisors.  

Nanette Meeks

"I am proud to share my success story with Tipton. I've been a part of the company for slightly more than 10 years. My career journey with Tipton started in 2008 as a property manager in Houston, Texas. I became a part of Tipton when they took over the management of the property I was managing when it sold. I worked with Tipton as the manager on that property and was given additional opportunities to expand my experience to include due diligence inspections, new property takeovers and assisting with staffing and transition of new management accounts. Within 5 years, I was promoted to Assistant Property Supervisor and assisted the Houston Regional. Two years later, as a byproduct of our growing portfolio and my performance, I was promoted to Regional Property Supervisor. I'm appreciative to work with a company that challenges, appreciates, and mentors employees to attain higher goals. Because of the culture of Tipton, I'm pleased to continue mentoring my property staffs and have been proud to see several of them promoted into positions of greater responsibility."