Ready to be a Tipton Vendor?

Be invited by one of our Tipton Managers to join Compliance Depot.

Complete the Compliance Depot registration.

As an approved vendor through Compliance Depot, our communities welcome the opportunity to work with you!!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor for The Tipton Group.  In order for you to provide services to one or more communities managed by Tipton, you will need to be certified through Compliance Depot, a third party provider that administers Tipton's vendor insurance compliance program. Once you enroll and are approved through Compliance Depot, your company is an approved vendor for all communities managed by Tipton.

In order to complete the enrollment process your company must provide a W-9, company profile information, licenses (if applicable), and a signed vendor agreement. All vendors must also pass a background check. If a vendor performs any type of work while physically on the premises of a Tipton managed community, it must comply with and provide necessary documentation regarding our insurance requirements.

In order to become an approved vendor, the following steps must be performed:

You must receive an invitation to become a vendor through a Regional Supervisor or an Onsite Manager.
Call Compliance Depot to enroll at (888) 493-6938. Please select option 5 to initiate your enrollment process. You will be asked for your company information and an annual enrollment fee of $99 must be submitted.
Compliance Depot will gather insurance documents, a W-9, vendor agreement, and any other applicable information needed to designate you as an Echelon approved vendor. For your reference, our vendor agreement, a sample insurance certificate, and a blank W-9 are attached.

All documents must be submitted directly to Compliance Depot via e-mail at or via fax at (877) 665-8910. Do not fax documents to the Tipton corporate office or any community. Please include a cover sheet with the name of your company and reference the documents you are submitting are for Tipton compliance.

Once completed, you may check your status via the Compliance Depot website at using the username and password you have been provided by Compliance Depot. They have customer representatives available Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM Mountain time to assist you or your insurance agent with any questions.

Upon approval, your company is eligible to commence work at or with any Tipton managed community.

Please Note:

Until all requirements are met, Tipton managed communities may not hire you as a supplier.
Approval as a Tipton supplier does not guarantee being hired for work.

Contact information:

Call Compliance Depot at (888) 493-6938 x5 regarding approval status.
Call or email the on-site manager regarding payment of invoices.
We look forward to working with you in the future!