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who we are

The Tipton Group

For over 35 years, Tipton has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in everything we do – service to our clients, service to the residents who call our properties home, the bottom line performance of the properties we manage, and the loyalty and support that we provide each and every one of our team members. We are a boutique firm that specializes only in property management, and as such, consistently deliver superior performance for our clients and properties without any conflicts of interest or distractions from our primary job – PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.

Our abilities/performance have been impacted very positively as a result of our managing for “hands-on” and “entrepreneurial” owners. We have fine-tuned our management processes as a result of the collaboration and feedback from many of our valuable clients over the last 35+ years.

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Top Rated awards recognize properties with outstanding resident satisfaction.

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what we do

Our Services

Tipton is a full-service real estate company that has demonstrated its ability to consistently help clients identify quality acquisitions, perform the necessary underwriting and due diligence for them to make a purchase decision, and then execute on that plan after the property is acquired.


Perform necessary inspections, lease file audits, and review of DD information in conjunction with a purchase.


Execute on the property management/renovation plan that was detailed as a part of our DD and underwriting. Supervise major renovations including rebranding and repositioning of properties.


Create an operating proforma/budget that entails projections for income, expenses, and property renovations/unit upgrades and their impact on future rents/income/NOI.

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The Tipton Group