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The Tipton Group

Our Services

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Our Services

Tipton is a property management company that has demonstrated the ability to consistently perform at an exceptional level. Tipton has assisted clients in identifying potential acquisitions, completing the necessary due diligence and underwriting for those investment purchases, established a plan to improve property performance/add value, and then execute that plan and realized the intended results.

Tipton Services Overview

Property Management

Tipton has a proven track record of successfully managing over 45,000 apartment units and 4 million square feet of commercial properties. We have managed all types and sizes of properties. Property management is our #1 function, and that focus is what helps us to deliver superior results to our clients on a consistent basis.

Acquisition / Due Diligence

On most of the properties we have managed, Tipton has provided financial underwriting, physical inspection of the property/common elements/major mechanical equipment and a formal lease file audit in conjunction with our client's purchase of an asset.


Create an operating proforma/budget that entails projections for income, expenses, and property renovations/unit upgrades and their impact on future rents/income/NOI.


Tipton has established a reputation for timely and accurate reporting. Our accounting group prides itself on having the flexibility to tailor reports to each client’s specific requirements.

Major Renovation / Property Repositioning

Tipton has been successful at identifying necessary renovations/improvements, creating a detailed scope of work, soliciting competitive pricing for the renovations, and then supervising the completion of those repairs/improvements. Work has included replacement and upgrade of exterior siding, roof replacement, foundation/drainage repairs, clubroom/fitness center updates, and pool renovations to include the addition of outdoor kitchens and cabanas. On our commercial properties, improvements have included elevator updates, HVAC cooling tower and chiller replacements, roof replacements, exterior sealing/painting of building panels/windows as well as interior tenant finish.